I am glad that you found your way to me and my art.
Some call me a happy hippie girl, aesthetic artist, world traveler,
chaotic perfectionist, van life lover, festival junky and veggie cook.
For you, I am just Geri. 
Geri. 28 years. Based in Berlin.


 Currently, I take bookings for the following projects:
Photography – Documenting love stories & artists. 
Weddings, events, startups, concerts, yogis, musicians, DJs & festivals. Workshops, retreats & safe spaces.

 I am also working and experienced in the following areas:
Videography, consulting & content production.
Crossmedia & multimedia production. 
Event and production management. Artist management. 

Photographer: Amelie.Alternate

I choose rather a smoothie than chocolate.
Rather yoga than football.
Better the ocean than mountains.
Better festivals than hotels.
Better beer than brandy.
Better black than white.
Better fly than fall.
Better talking than silence.
Better embarrassment than a standstill.


Currently I live in Berlin. I say currently because this was not always the case: From Regensburg to Munich, to Stuttgart, over Melbourne to Sydney. I love meeting new people, I love traveling, discussions and the ocean. My strengths encapsulate communication, design and organization. And my favorite part is when I combine all three aspects in my work. This is why photography is my passion.

Photographer: Daniel Sax

For me, it’s all about the communication behind my work. My intuition and deep connection to my senses. Lastly, empathy for each individual situation itself. Photography can be spiritual, fun, easy-going, loud, quiet, intimate, emotional or simple, depending on the moment and the people involved. This is exactly what I love about my work – the spontaneous moments and the exciting adventures that I am able to experience because of this. I have a good sense of visual aesthetics and observation. I love bringing people together and capturing these moments. And I am also thankful for the trust that I am allowed to experience in exactly these moments.

New projects? 
Always happy to help.